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Sudsy Mutt provides a cage-free low stress environment, where pets are cleaned and pampered with love and care. Our groomers are trained in dog behavior and handling etiquette. Pets are never muzzled or left unattended at Sudsy Mutt. Our groomers are experienced in handling senior and special need dogs with care. Superior customer service is offered with every visit.

Bath Packages

Bath packages ensure your pet leaves clean and smelling fresh with the following services:

· Pre-bath blow out

· De-matting (if necessary)

· Nail Trim and filing

· Ear inspection and cleaning

· Anal gland expression

· Bath with all natural shampoos and Conditioners

· Hand fluff-dry

· Brush and blow-dry

· Bandanna or feather extension as desired

Groom Packages

Groom packages offer your pet the best possible grooming experience and ensure your pet looks and feels their very best.

· Includes all bath package services

· Styling to breed standard specification

· Styling to customer driven specification

Spa Upgrades

Spa upgrades ensure your pet gets the  perfect spa experience for them.

· Premium Shampoo/Conditioner Upgrades

· Cologne/perfume spritz

· Teeth brushing

· Dental cleaning

· Hair Dye

· Pawdicures

· Colored Nail Polish

Retail Products

Specialty products available for purchase include:

· Scentament Spa Shampoo Line

· Scentament Spa Colognes

· Brushes

· All Natural Treats

· Toys

· Harnesses & Collars

Call us to schedule your furbaby's spa day!

Meet a few of our happy customers!

"Great place to take your pet for a wonderful grooming."



4107 7th St
North Beach, MD 20714
p: (443)964-4958

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